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18. October 2021

Recruiting: 6 criteria for good storytelling on your career site

Mashup Communications used six criteria to rank the career sites of DAX-listed companies. What can you learn from them? A terrific article by Miriam Rupp. But […]
18. October 2021

What are corporate influencers?

Anyone who wants to be successful in recruiting nowadays relies on corporate influencers. Read about what’s behind the trend. An article by Toni Spangenberg. Influencers now […]
18. October 2021

Corporate values count as early as the application process

Glassdoor asked employees and job seekers how important the culture and values of their employer were to them. Spoiler: Very important! An article by Senta Gekeler. […]
18. October 2021

Executive recruiting

Many test procedures are inappropriate When selecting executives, HR decision-makers use numerous diagnostic procedures to determine the expected performance of their candidates. However, there’s often a […]
18. October 2021

9 levels of enthusiasm

My meeting with Rainer Krumm, the inventor of the 9 levels value system, was not only extremely productive and successful but also inspiring! In order to […]
18. October 2021

Onboarding for executives

Ensuring that your start won’t be a false start Managers would do well to seek information well in advance of their new job and also to […]
18. October 2021

Cultural fit in recruiting

As the results of a recent StepStone study show, Cultural fit is important to both candidates and companies. Communicating the corporate culture is a decisive factor for successful and sustainable recruiting. But what information on cultural fit are candidates actually looking for? And how can companies communicate their own culture in the application process?
18. October 2021

What the coronavirus crisis means for talents

The crisis is also changing the way potential high flyers are starting their careers; newcomers have to be flexible – but have every chance of benefiting […]
18. October 2021

Round table HR consulting with Dirk Aaron Bohl, hosted by Personalwirtschaft magazine

A short video commentary on the topic: Brought to a juddering halt in full swing The economic impact of the coronavirus crisis is also being felt […]
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