The perfect fit in executive searches
pays off

Strong added value by recruiting the candidate who is the perfect fit
makes it possible to achieve the 3 Vs (Values / Value appreciation / Value added )

Would you like to find the right personality for a key position?
I will recruit high-calibre individuals for C-level and managing director positions in the DACH region for you.
I will help you to find the perfect fit – quickly and reliably.

My fundamental values:
Trust – Responsibility – Respect – Integrity – Sustainability – Courage – Humility.

I analyse the value systems of organisations and candidates –  particularly with regard to the business values they live by, their corporate and management culture.
I ensure the “operational excellence” of our shortlisted candidates using direct approach techniques and a profiling process with refined diagnostic methods, multi-stage interviews, many years of industry competence and my reference evaluation tools.

Executive search par excellence!


Personality tests and tools

Appropriate, reliable and

Be certain of the right fit. When selecting executives, HR decision-makers use numerous diagnostic procedures to determine the expected performance of their candidates. Nonetheless, many concentrate the process on behavioural features and often disregard whether the candidate is the ideal fit for the corporate culture. I make a specific effort to find the perfect fit in order to achieve genuine sustainability.

With my diagnostic concept, I measure how well the candidate profile determined by our clients fits with the personality profile of our candidates.

We carry out intensive checks of the candidates’ documents and use the latest diagnostic instruments and personality tests:
Profiling your psychometric strength profiles
Cultural due diligence,
9 LEVELS of Value Systems,
Motives in life
reference evaluation
and analysis of
leadership and management competences,
Value systems and the
“operational excellence”
of our candidates.
This leads to a very meaningful personality profile.

And that’s how I ensure the ideal match and the cultural fit of a candidate with the corporate culture:

using the company, group and human resources value systems, the value systems and/or the respective value levels of the candidates and of the company are determined. And in the cultural fit, complementary and sub-elementary features are taken into consideration. An ideal cultural fit is also ensured through personality tests and the creation of a psychometric strengths profile. In this profile, professional interest, passion and motivation are made transparent and evaluated by comparing the target profile with the actual profile.

Why profiling?

1. Backing up important human resources decisions
2. Reducing the risk of recruiting the wrong person
3. Avoiding subsequent costs incurred as a result of low performers  or turnover
4. Identification of the TOP performers
5. Evaluation of the cultural fit – both in the team and in the overall organisation

What makes a good executive?

1. We measure cognitive abilities (learning index, problem-solving behaviour), what can someone do, what must they be able to do
2. We measure professional interests (entrepreneurial spirit, finance/administration, technology, service to people, mechanics, creativity), what interests should they have
3. We measure behavioural traits (competences with regard to leadership, sales and general management skills), what is someone like, how should they behave
4. We match up the TARGET and ACTUAL profile (job match) to ascertain the % match that the candidate has to the job profile
5. Determination of the preferred leadership styles

1. Transparency through the 16 motives in life of a candidate 

2. What does the candidate really want from their life?

3. What motivates and drives the candidate?

4. What holds the candidate back?

5. What is their preferred behaviour?

6. How strong is the match to their motivation?

7. 16 Motives in life: power, independence, inquisitiveness, recognition, order, savings, honour, idealism, relationships, family, status, revenge, beauty, food, physical activity, peace

8. The best development options if relationship, work and family satisfy basic needs

9. Use of the Reiss Motivation Profile tool in line with Steven Reiss

10. Deviation analysis of behaviour to motivation

1. Creation of a psychometric strength profile:

2. Cognitive abilities (learning index, analytics, language skills, problem-solving behaviour)

3. Professional interests – what are the candidates passions, what motivates the candidate? 

4. Behavioural traits such as  leadership and sales skills and general management skills

5. Perfect job match matching up the target profile with the actual profile

6. Use of the Profiles International tool

Which value systems and/or level does the candidate have and which characterise the company?

Company, group and personal value systems

Determination of complementary and sub-elementary traits

Cultural fit – are the personal and corporate culture a good fit for one another?

Use of the tools 9 Levels of Value Systems according to Prof. Claire W. Graves



The 9 Levels of Value Systems are scientifically-based analytical tools developed by Rainer Krumm. Based on research by Clare W. Graves, you can make the value systems of individuals, teams and whole organisations visible and therefore useful. 9 Levels Deutschland GmbH is the licence holder for the 9 Levels of Value Systems in Germany and represents the analysis tools in the German market.

LEVEL 1-9 Prof. Clare W. Graves has demonstrated through research that value systems are not static but the subject of a development. Depending on internal and external influences, they may shift. Accordingly, the 9 Levels is a dynamic model which, with its spiral staircase structure, illustrates the constant evolution of our values. Each level has its justification. The aim is not to progress higher and further, but to achieve a good fit of the value systems to the challenges of the world.


A test with the 9 Levels consultant is included in the professional and executive package of Bohl Academy!

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Trained and certified as a 9 Levels consultant by Rainer Krumm, the most renowned and globally recognised trainer and organisational consultant using the 9 Levels of Value Systems.

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    A systematic way of finding the perfect candidate

    That is the
    D|A|B principle

    A whole range of diagnostic tools and direct search methods combined with my leadership and management experience form the basis for my D|A|B principle. How I bring together these different aspects is unique to the market and explains how you can be certain of finding the best possible candidates for your company and for the vacant position. I am so convinced by my method and its results that I will even give you a guarantee for this!

    A symbiosis of

    Culture – Values – Personality
    We create values!