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As a unique executive search profiler, I’m sure to find the right candidate. With a constantly growing pool of specially qualified candidates certified through my D|A|B principle and the Bohl Academy, I can assure you that I will always find the perfect fit for your company. My network extends throughout the entire DACH region. As the owner of DELTACON Münster, I am able to offer you a special level of expertise for your executive search: a focus on distinctive value systems, relevant C-level skills and operational excellence. My area of responsibility at DELTACON encompasses the competence centre of consumer goods, the food industry, trade, the drinks industry and food ingredients, health ingredients and food service. Via the DELTACONGroup, I also ensure that the right focus is applied across industries, too.

A systematic way of finding the perfect candidate

What is the
D|A|B principle

The executive search principle aims to create an ideal fit between the corporate culture and the value systems, including the current management culture and the personality profile of the candidates.

How I bring together these different aspects is unique to the market and explains how you can be certain of finding the best possible high-calibre candidates for your company and for the vacant position.

I am so convinced by my method and its results that I will even give you a guarantee!

A symbiosis of

Culture – Values – Personality
We create values!
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Who is this executive search profiler?
Dirk Aaron Bohl

The human resources consultant with a focus on values

I am first and foremost a person who understands people and can gauge them very well. What do you think the fundamental prerequisite for a profiler and headhunter of the year is? My experience over my many years of working in top management roles paints a very different picture. Tools alone are not enough, it is also necessary to be able to read between the lines and involve value systems and life motivation.

What do my clients say?

For high-calibre individuals and those who aspire to become one:

The Bohl Academy

Qualification tools for candidates

Use my online assessment module
Light, Premium
and Executive to:

– Determine your personality profile
– Further develop your personality
– Qualify for the executive search candidate pool

Are you seeking a role,  want to secure your future, qualify for executive positions or simply continue your personal development? Benefit very simply from my personal expertise and my unique network. Here you can find out what I can offer you as a candidate: >> to the services for  candidates

Take a leadership qualities test free of charge now

Do you have what it takes to be a leader?

A new test to measure the leadership style of managing directors or divisional heads: the LSI leadership style inventory test created by qualified psychologist Stefan Lindstam has been specially developed for executives. It is structured like a personality test. LSI is therefore particularly suitable for managing directors and divisional heads and is applied in the context of executive selection and development. Test yourself now with this tool. For me, suitable leadership skills are essential cornerstones of success.


With this leadership assessment, I would like to make a contribution to improving the leadership culture by making you aware of your personal leadership qualities  in a transparent way. That’s why I’m offering the test to you as a gift. It’s completely free!


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Are you unsure whether what I offer is the right thing for you, or do you have comments to make on the topics of recruiting leadership or human resources? Then feel free to write to me. I will be very happy to reply!


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