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Qualifications are only one part of the equation for executives. Personality and value systems are the other. Just like you, a company has a personality, a unique culture and well developed value systems. And for long-term success, it is essential that both personalities are a good fit for each other.

So what can be done? There is no universal formula. However, there is a tried-and-tested, functional one. My D|A|B principle and my executive coaching represent a method that is unique in the entire sector. No profiler or headhunter gets more personally and intensively involved with candidates, if that’s what you want. My pool of candidates provides a foundation for value-oriented development of companies, by delivering tried-and-tested, perfectly matched TOP managers and executive personalities.

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We never stop learning!

On-demand expertise for executives

I also continue my learning on an ongoing basis. In such rapidly changing times, there is no alternative to continuing one’s professional education. Both on a sector-specific and human level. Particularly when it comes to executive roles, it is also important to understand younger employees. Millennials or Generation Y have different values and goals than the subsequent Generation Z.

Leadership qualities are therefore not only about business know-how, but also human know-how. 

Hit the ground running with

Bohl Academy’s executive coaching
and the qualification tools for candidates

Use my online assessment module
Light, Premium
and Executive to:

– Determine your personality profile
– Further develop your personality
– Qualify for the executive candidate pool

Are you seeking a role, want to secure your future, qualify for executive positions or simply continue your personal development? You can make the most of my personal expertise and my unique network very easily. Here you can find out what I can offer you as a candidate



  • Online assessment to analyse personal behaviour and motivation and deviation analysis
  • Always stay up-to-date with our blog posts
  • Inclusion in our exclusive pool of candidates







  • 9 LEVELS of Value Systems – Online determination of your personal value systems –
    as a basis for the ideal fit with the corporate culture
  • Online assessment to analyse personal behaviour & motivation and deviation analysis
  • 15-minute feedback conversation on Skype/by phone
  • Inclusion in our V.I.P. candidate pool
  • One mentoring unit with the executive profiler
  • Always stay up-to-date with our blog posts



  • Online assessment to create your psychometric strengths profile including profiling
  • Online determination of your leadership style
  • Online creation of your motivation profile with your personal motives in life
    – Online determination of your personal value systems
    – as a basis for the ideal fit with the corporate culture
  • Online assessment to analyse personal behaviour & motivation and deviation analysis
  • 60-minute feedback conversation on Skype/by phone
  • Inclusion in our executive candidate pool
  • Inclusion in the Executive Profiler Mentoring Programme
  • Always stay up-to-date with our blog posts


With candidates who are certified by the Bohl Academy, you generate
maximum reliability and the ideal fit for you and the company

The general terms and conditions of business apply
Life-life or work-work balance

It’s all about the combination

Many employees strive for the so-called work-life balance when it comes to compatibility between their work and private life . What this means is a harmonious balance on both sides, so that they can coexist peacefully with one another. This sounds pretty good in theory, but in practice it can often be very complicated.

It’s not uncommon for the work-life balance to meet with criticism. The (generally formulated) reason for this: work and (private) life can no longer be clearly separated from one another. More and more people are therefore talking about work-life integration.

One-day intensive workshop

Coaching | Executive Coaching

There’s more to finding the perfect candidate than simply looking at their C.V. Find out how you can make yourself fit for executive positions with my Bohl Academy and how you can achieve the perfect fit with the company using my cultural due diligence principle.


give me a call!

Totally honest –
Totally personal

I will work with you for a full day to get you fit for executive positions. My cultural due diligence principle includes a range of personality tests which are used for joint reflection. On the one hand, the goal is to work on your personality and your personal brand, and on the other hand, to understand your passion and your vocation. During this process, I will be available to you as your unique executive profiler, your tough sparring partner and your long-term mentor.

Bohl Academy


  • Exclusive workshop with executive profiler Dirk Aaron Bohl
  • You will spend one day having face-to-face coaching with the profiling expert and Headhunter of the Year for Executive Search
  • Preparation for executive management positions
  • Development of your personality profile, determination of where you are currently and your prospects for the future
  • My tried-and-tested D|A|B Principle forms the basis for this workshop
  • The following profile building blocks are developed and reflected on by the candidate:
  • – Level of your personal value systems
  • – Characteristics of your motives in life
  • – Determining  your psychometric strengths profile and cognitive, management and leadership characteristics
  • – Analysis of your primary behavioural and motivational patterns including deviation analysis
  • – Evaluation of your preferred management style characteristics
  • – Creation of your personal self-branding profile including brand core
  • Joint reflections on your starting situation compared with your aspirations
  • I put my expertise, gained over 11,000 days of experience in TOP management, coaching, executive search and executive profiling, at your disposal


Do you have any questions?

Are you unsure whether what I offer is the right thing for you, or do you have comments to make on the topics of recruiting leadership or human resources? Then feel free to write to me. I will be very happy to reply!


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