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Dirk Aaron Bohl | Executive Search Profiler

As a unique Executive Search Profiler, I’m sure to find you the right candidate. With a constantly growing pool of specially qualified candidates certified through my D|A|B principle and the Bohl Academy, I can assure you that I will always find the perfect fit for your company.

18. October 2021

The executive dilemma!

In the wrong place at the wrong time. Appointing the wrong candidate to a leadership role creates multi-faceted problems that can become extremely costly. One of […]
18. October 2021

Handelsblatt: Honest feedback at eye level for C-levels through executive coaching

Cultural sparring as an important driver for successful C-levels. Once they’ve reached the C-level, it becomes increasingly difficult for executives to get honest feedback on their […]
18. October 2021

HR consultancy for the food industry: Are you ready for the challenges of the future?

Buzzwords such as Industry 4.0, digitalisation, automation and artificial intelligence will revolutionise work in the food industry. C-levels in the industry need to be able to […]
18. October 2021

“Cultural fit is more important than C-level skills”

Dirk Aaron Bohl – the profiler among executive search consultants takes stock. What doesn’t fit can’t be made to fit. This is true at least when […]
18. October 2021

Handelsblatt: The profiler for the perfect fit

When employees resign internally and don’t feel committed to the company, the main responsibility for this usually lies with their manager. However, the resulting damage can […]
18. October 2021

Handelsblatt: Where are we heading with AI tools?

Artificial intelligence (AI) is currently still in its infancy. But in just a few years, the technology will be so advanced that it will revolutionise recruiting. […]
18. October 2021

Handelsblatt: The perfect corporate successor? It’s already here!

Almost 50 per cent of company bosses retiring from active working life don’t find a successor who is a good fit with the company. Anyone wishing […]
18. October 2021

Handelsblatt: Seven essential values for C-levels

What qualities must a C-level have to lead their team and the company to success? There are seven essential values that promising candidates should bring with […]
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