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18. October 2021

The main reasons why employees don’t speak their minds at work…

Good leadership starts with listening. Because people often don’t think that executives want to hear their ideas! The main reasons why employees don’t speak their minds […]
18. October 2021

How do you actually measure EQ?

Emotional intelligence is essentially divided into five factors. I measure all these factors in my unique profiling. Emotional intelligence is an important leadership skill. Leaders need […]
18. October 2021

7 essential C-level skills you need to be prepared for the challenges ahead

C-level skills in transition! The fourth industrial revolution is fundamentally changing our markets, companies, business models and working lives with digitalisation, artificial intelligence, online sales platforms […]
18. October 2021

What does cultural fit mean in HR consulting?

Guarantee for cultural fit and sustainability! Powered by Executive Profiling Only with the right cultural fit will the ideal fit of the top manager to the […]
18. October 2021

A question of values! 7 essential values in the business context:

Appreciation always comes before value creation. It’s precisely in difficult times that the true character of a TOP manager is revealed. Because it’s then that special […]
18. October 2021

16 per cent of your workforce have already resigned in their own heads!

The economic damage caused by employees who do not have an emotional attachment to their company is between 105 and 122 billion euros. *(Gallup Engagement Index […]
18. October 2021

The secret of a successful C-Suite transition

What distinguishes successful C-suite managers and how do you manage a successful and sustainable entry into a new C-level position?  The 7 biggest challenges to a […]
18. October 2021

The executive dilemma!

In the wrong place at the wrong time. Appointing the wrong candidate to a leadership role creates multi-faceted problems that can become extremely costly. One of […]
18. October 2021

Brought to a screeching halt in full flight. 2020 Round Table HR consulting facilitated by the Personalwirtschaft magazine, with Dirk Aaron Bohl

The economic impact of the Corona crisis is also being felt by recruiting consultants. At the virtual round table with renowned head hunters hosted by Personalwirtschaft […]
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